Request a Reservation

Reservation Request Process

Make a Reservation Request by completing the online form or using the pdf form.

Your Reservation Request for 2023 will receive a response as soon as possible. A Reservation Confirmation is then sent via email with a deposit request, if space is available.

There are very few openings for this season, but sometimes there are cancelations. You may express interest in lodging and dates that currently show as unavailable by using one of the forms. We maintain a “waiting list” when there are additional requests for a unit and date. Reservations for 2024 (June 5-October 14) may be requested now but responses will not be sent out until after the 2023 season.

Questions? Email [email protected] 

The 2023 Availability Calendar is updated as we confirm reservations based on submitted requests. The Hedges is a unique resort with different accommodations. Filling requests is a jigsaw puzzle in order to meet as many guest requests as possible. Please be patient as we fit the pieces together.

Base Rates shown on the Availability Calendar are for 2 people. For more explanation, view the Rate Schedule here.

To view lodging on specific dates, click on the current date. You will see another small calendar giving options of dates to view. Or you can click the arrows to scroll to different months and days.